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Welcome! I'm a lover of Starbucks, wedding cake, 1980's movies, chocolate and traveling!  Scroll down to know a little more about me, meanwhile, here is my story!

As a child I was obsessed with old photographs, I would spend hours looking through the many hundreds of images of family members, friends sharing a laugh, vacations and of milestones in their lives. On reflection, when I think of these photographs now, they told a story and captured emotions that really resonated with me.  

I studied film photography at Central St Martins College, London and I am self-taught on the digital aspects.  I am continually drawing upon my inspiration and furthering my education to grow as a photographer. I am taking this photographic journey back to where it all started and focusing on documentary photography. I want you to have printed images for your family to enjoy in years to come, and to have your family images as pieces of art adorning your walls! I want these memories and moments to be treasured by current and future generations and that is what I offer! I love photographing weddings, births and documentary in-home family and maternity sessions. I adore the emotional connection and that is exactly what I strive to capture for you. 

and Starbucks!
Travel and the outdoors
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Hello there! I'm glad you are here. I am a Wife to a wonderful, supportive husband who endures my desire to capture every random photo opportunity, a Mother to two beautiful boys and Jasper our Cavalier King Charles spaniel!  I love capturing the innocence and beauty of my boys childhood, these moments truly are fleeting!  Aside from my passion for photography, I can usually either be found in Starbucks sipping on a latte, out hiking, exploring a National Park, volunteering, planning my next travel adventure, watching a movie or having a game night and relaxing with family!

Five facts about me!

1) I suffer with an insatiable wanderlust! I love to travel and I am a nomad at heart, I have moved 23 times in 20 years which included moves to London, Arizona, Seoul, Germany, Washington State and now Tennessee! I am currently planning a future year long family trip around the World, we will homeschool along the way! My bucket list is long, and includes Bora Bora, Oman, Japan and New Zealand to name a few!  

2) I am a chocoholic! I am particularly partial to British Cadbury's - I am greatful to have very good friends who send me 'care packages' from the homeland!

3) Growing up all I wanted to be was a photojournalist, it was also one of my first jobs! I ended up working in Employment Law and Human Resource management. I always had photography in my life but I am blessed that my career has come full circle back to my true passion.

4) I cry at every wedding, birth and military homecoming! My eyes  appear to leak the most during the Father/daughter dance! However, recently the Mother/Son dance really gets me as my boys are getting older and I can relate. 

5) Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it from the smells, excitement, love, hope, kindness, giving, food, traditions, but nothing beats the look of awe and amazement on my little guys faces on Christmas morning!

The House Mission

Lorna Tyson photography is committed to providing you with a high quality, personalized,  photography experience. My goal is to document your story with a set of images and offer products that are as organic, natural and unique as your story.

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