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I adore documentary newborn sessions, I love being able to focus on the connection, emotions and these sweet first moments in babies life. I was thrilled a few years ago when I was accepted as a photographer for a wonderful organization called The Tiny Footprints Project. The Tiny Footprints project is an organization that matches volunteer photographers with local families to provide complimentary photo shoots for parents and families who have a premature baby in the NICU. I am so honored to be part of this amazing organization and group of photographers and to be able to match my love of documentary photography, and use my skills and abilities to give back to families by capturing babies first memories during a particularly stressful time!

I had the pleasure of photographing baby Audrey when she was just a few weeks old and had been transferred to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital NICU in Nashville. Audrey was wide awake for her very first session and appeared very interested in the camera, tracking my every move. She was just perfect!  During our session Audrey was able to have snuggles from Mom and Dad and take a break for a feed. It was wonderful to be able to capture the love between this sweet family. I wish Audrey continued strength and progress and I am grateful to be allowed to capture these sweet first NICU moments for her family.

Vanderbilt NICU PhotographerNashville Vanderbilt Children's NICU photographer


If you are a parent with a child in the NICU unit or if you know of someone who has a child in the NICU unit, please spread the word about The Tiny Footprints Project. If you wish to enquire about a session, please contact The Tiny Footprints Project via e-mail at – *please note all enquiries must come from the Parent or Legal Guardian of the child*


Lorna Tyson photography

Nashville Documentary Newborn photographer

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Wedding flower trends for 2017

As a wedding photographer and a lover of flowers I love seeing what couples have chosen for their wedding floral arrangements and bouquets. After a little research and discussion with my colleagues in the wedding florist industry, I have a few tips as to what are likely to be the top wedding flower trends for 2017!


This is no big surprise, succulents were very big in 2016 weddings! Succulents were used as wedding favors, as boutineers, in bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, table displays and even on cakes!  Succulents are beautiful displayed in ‘gardens’ on tables and add texture to bouquets, they are particularly beautiful when mixed with other desert blooms. Also, Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 is ‘Greenery’, according to pantone – “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.” (Pantone 2017) which is perfect for the succulent family!


Neutral tones

Neutral toned wedding flowers evoke a sense of romance and sophistication. Creams, whites, champagnes, beiges and ivory colors are expected to be popular in the top wedding trends for 2017! They make simple, yet stunning displays mixed in with some greenery for a classic table decoration or bouquet. Blush is also a beautiful color for wedding flowers for 2017, and would look beautiful paired with natural toned bouquets. Over the past year or two there has been a move away from the bright colored flowers to a softer hue of the once popular colors.



Following a study conducted by, they identified four emerging trends in consumer preferences for their cut flower purchases:

The French Connection Falling in love with France all over again! Luxurious romantic blooms of orchids, roses, and hydrangeas appearing in softer red hues with hints of orange and brown provide a rich and multicultural air. The French Connection bride loves life’s finer things and will accent her day with refined metallic pieces, lavish ribbons, and pedestal vases.
Force of Nature – Letting nature take it’s course! Bundles of mono-botanical flowers like iris, hydrangea, or scabiosa are gathered in cobalt blue or frosted glass vases in garden and nautical arrangements.The setting is peaceful as rich spa and oasis blues pop and complement the organic green surrounding of a natural world. Heirloom roses come alive in artesian flared vases alongside variegated foliage and ferns.
Modern Wonders – Simple lines blended with old Asian! Modern wonders uses clean lines and a rich palette of warm golds, coppers, taupes and oranges to combine cultural antiquities with natural elements. The bride looking for a contemporary and simplistic take on her event will love the simple chic lines of the Modern Wonders trend. The style blends the spirit of Asian antiquities with natural elements in simple but strong lines. Modern Wonders contrasts graphic oranges with muted purples and earth tones to create an affectionate and welcoming atmosphere. Unique and vibrant flowers express the desire for a rare and rich experience.
Into The Jungle – An urban fever with vivid colors that is inspired by both muted and brilliant jungle hues that express a passion for exploration and rich experiences.! The bride is confident, passionate, and called to the wild. Sun-kissed shades of orange, yellow, and red glisten alongside tropical foliage, mosses, vines, cork, and bamboo. Yellow and orange orchids, protea, and roses combine with exceptional flowers such as heliconia, leucadendron, celosia, and brunia creating the adventure of a tropical jungle.


For more ideas and a video on each of the above trends, please click here


Lorna Tyson photography

Clarksville wedding photographer


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He’s home!! | Ft Campbell KY Military homecoming photographer

It was a bitter cold, January day out on the flight-line and in the hanger at Ft Campbell KY. However, the sun was shining and the excitement and anticipation of so many people finally getting their loved ones home safe and sound had the adrenalin pumping. I was honored to be able to photograph this military homecoming for a sweet family that had been separated for far too long!

Dad deployed just days after Mom gave birth to their second child, he missed out on so much of this little guys life, I think that is one aspect of military life that not many people can grasp. Missing large chunks of your children growing up and hitting this milestones, birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries – those key times you will never get back is so hard for military families.

Both sets of parents had arrived in town to welcome their Son/Son-in-law home, it was a very heartwarming scene witnessing the entire family being reunited again. Big brother was so excited to see Dad again, they had kept in contact while he was deployed and had played games together online to help cope with the distance. It wasn’t long before he had Dad playing on the iPad continuing from where they left off 🙂

Welcome home and thank you for your service!


Lorna Tyson

Ft Campbell KY Military homecoming photographer

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What can I expect from an in-home documentary session?

Following my last post about what is documentary photography? Which you can find here, I wanted to cover some of the questions that are posed about the documentary session itself.

What can I expect from an in-home documentary session?

The initial difference that sets documentary sessions apart from a regular session becomes apparent at the planning stage. The planning is more thought provoking and detailed which is crucial to a successful documentary session. To help this process I have a questionnaire designed to make you think about you and your family/session participants. This hones in on the attributes and aspects of your life that you want to remember and document and this is what provides the vision and storyboard for the session.

An in-home documentary session is generally longer in duration than a regular photography session. I suggest documentary sessions should be scheduled for at least two hours.

My house is a mess and I couldn’t possibly have a session in my house!

This is one of the most common oppositions clients have when considering a documentary session. We all lead busy lives, we may have young children or pets, we all have laundry piles and dishes! However, this is your home, a place of comfort, sanctuary, love and memories. A documentary session is focussed on your every day life, the seemingly mundane every day tasks and interactions that we take for granted. It is intended to capture the raw, authentic, real life moments that occur during our homes and between our families. It is these moments that produce the most emotive form of photography which will in the future transport us back to this point in our lives… probably with tears and laughter!

What do we need to do during the session?

Once we have designed the session and I have a clear understanding of your vision for the session you just need to relax and be yourself. If you have younger children it may take a few minutes for them to get used to having a photographer there before they set into a ‘normal’ pattern of behavior, but it will happen naturally. Whether you are making breakfast together, having game night or just hanging out together just have fun and do what you usually do! The documentary session is designed to capture your story and your lives, I am not there to create your session or fun moments just capture it.

How would I display the images from the session?

I love albums or photo books to preserve documentary sessions. Documentary sessions are telling your story in a series of images, albums are perfect for telling your entire story. You can also make beautiful wall displays with key images from your session.


If an in-home documentary session interests you or if you have any questions about this type of session, please feel free to send me a message here!

Lorna Tyson

Documentary photographer

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What is documentary photography? FAQ’s

What is documentary photography?

This is a question that is asked a lot, and often leads to some confusion and debate. Documentary photography as a genre is often misunderstood! Documentary photography has been around since the 1930’s, one of the most famous photographers of this genre is Henri-Cartier Bresson! The aim of documentary photography is to tell a story through a series of images.

Is documentary photography the same as photojournalism?

Not quite. Photo-journalism differs slightly from documentary photography as it requires the story to be told in one or two images. However, the skills required by the photographer are similar. Documentary photography and photojournalism are both based on the power of observation with a focus on telling a real story. Photo-journalism often requires the photographer to adopt a stance on a subject in order to tell a story from a particular perspective.

How does documentary photography differ from lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography and documentary photography are often confused, but they are very different. Lifestyle photography tends to pay homage to the candid moment, however, these are very carefully orchestrated moments created by the photographer through posing or directing. This style tends to yield beautiful, light and airy images filled with love and laughter in a clients home. Documentary photography in contrast tends to be a little more gritty, it is focussed on depicting the real, honest, genuine moments that appear to the photographer through complete observation. Unposed, unscripted, authentically captured with zero direction from the photographer. Both lifestyle and documentary are beautiful genres of photography, I feel they deserve to be honored, and admired for their own unique attributes!

What kind of sessions can be photographed documentary style?

Many types of sessions automatically lend themselves to be photographed documentary style. Military homecomings, births and weddings in particular rely on the photographer’s power of observation to capture the important moments and they naturally occur.

However, most sessions can be enhanced by being photographed through the eyes of a documentary photographer or style. Family sessions, particularly ones that involve young children is the one that immediately comes to mind. Young children are often stressed, overwhelmed and non-compliant during ‘traditional’ photography sessions, for the most part. This in turn leads to stress for the parents and what should be a wonderful, fun family experience … just isn’t that fun anymore. Toddlers are so much happier and are more comfortable in their own home with familiar surroundings and toys! This is also where they are at their best and the most natural family interactions and moments take place.

If you would like a maternity session, a newborn session, an engagement session or just a couples session to capture the elements of your story, organically then a documentary session may be something of interest to you!


Lorna Tyson photography

Clarksville and Nashville documentary photographer

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